IT'S NOW YOUR TIME. Stop working harder, just work SMARTER!

    1. 1. Welcome to your personal coaching

    1. 2.0 CDMS Explained

    2. 2.1 Business Personal Tracking Statistics

    3. 2.2 Tracking your Business Financials

    1. 4.0. Choosing to be an Online Personal Trainer

    2. 4.1. Find your niche in Online Personal Training

    1. 5.0 Your SMARTER Goals and Action Plan

    2. 5.1 Goals for Income

    3. 5.2 Chunk Down - To being a certain trainer

    4. 5.3. Our solution to being an online trainer

    5. 5.4 Celebrating you business Wins

    1. 6.0. Why direct debit is important

    2. 6.1 Converting clients to direct debit

    3. 6.2. Advanced Chunking down on income

    4. 6.3 Bring Structure to your Day

    5. 6.4. Bank Accounts for personal trainers

About this course

  • $298.00
  • 91 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

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Regardless of where you are in the fitness industry, our fool-proof coaching program is going to open your eyes to what is needed for huge growth in your fitness & personal training business online and in the gym.

Everything you need to be a successful trainer. Outperform and become the go to trainer with the best services and packages.

Become the competition!

  • Expand your business and gain more clients

  • Increase your income and charge more per session

  • Easy sales strategies to keep clients

  • Become a $100K+, 6-figure business earning $2,000+ each week

Smarterpt is exactly what the name implies! You are going to be smarter at personal training. These strategies, plans, software, systems and everything that is included has been the fire I needed to consistently achieve over $3100 a week for 10 weeks straight. I have even hired my first trainer who works for me to have a total business income of $4300 a week.
~ Ryan A, Australia

The complete A-Z of fitness business building

We cover everything for personal trainers from setup, business posture, establishing your niche, tracking, every script, correct consultation process, lead generation all the way to being an online trainer or hiring staff to work for you business!

All the knowledge that you need

Our proven coaching, a database of knowledge, strategies, systems and processors give you everything and more. All the plans are laid out for continued growth and success in your Personal Training business.

Expertly and professionally designed for results

Everything that you need to suit your learning type. We have videos, workbooks, tutorials, audios and PDF downloads to make sure you know how to build action, profitability and growth into your 6 Figure personal training business.

I thought that since every other trainer in the gym was only doing about 20 sessions I was doing okay since I had 15, newly graduating. I've been a trainer for less than 6 months, and at this gym for only 3 months and now doing 55 sessions a week. My secret weapon in Joshua and what smarterpt has taught me to do In my fitness business.

~ Anthony T, Philippines

Become a TOP PAID TRAINER so you can continue with your passion!

  • Passion

    Spend less time trying to 'sell', and have more 'quality' time with clients to get results.

  • Freedom

    Being able to travel and take holidays when you want. Gain financial freedom

  • Life

    Purchase a home, studio or even start my own gym. You have made it as a successful trainer.

Start winning and become a successful Personal Trainer

We are going to help you get back to what it is that you love. No matter if that is being a trainer, running multiple PT studios or the freedom of an online personal trainer.

I came on board as I was running a small studio with 3 other trainers but ended up being a full-time trainer, not a business owner.  

12 months ago after some initial hesitation, I decided to trust everything Joshua had to give. We replaced all the trainers. I added the PT software, tracking, all sales initiatives, packages and business structure.  

I went from an $800 profit in my business (after studio rent, paying trainers, maintenance, electricity, etc) to a $3600 profit. I no longer need to be there full-time, I train the clients I choose and the studio virtually operates on its own with a manager I have hired.
~ Ian L, Australia


  • How long is the coaching program?

    This is personally up to you as an individual, you can work at your own pace and speed at which you feel comfortable. The content will be available for you when you need it without providing too much information that can be an overload. We ask all the coaching members that you at least complete the action tasks weekly. The programming has been designed to understand and then to action the particular task to produce a result.

  • I've nearly finished my PT course, can I still join?

    Yes, this is one of the smartest moves any potential trainer can make. Personally, I believe that this level of coaching should be taught to all personal trainers before venturing out to become a trainer in a gym. There is a significant gap between the certification and running a business that isn't taught at colleges or the institutes that administrate personal trainers.

  • Can I 'get rich quick' with these hacks?

    This isn't some get-rich-quick scheme, nor will I be teaching "hacks", "secrets", "tricks" or "loopholes" like a lot of other gurus out there teach. This is about building a profitable and sustainable fitness business the right way! But in saying that, this is the structure every trainer should know, but doesn't unless they start.

  • How quickly will it take to start?

    Step 1 - We encourage trainers to just start. Step 2 - Everything is immediately processed, so you are given instant access to the member's area along with everything we promise. Step 3 - Implement and take action. Tomorrow is just another day you need to wait to achieve your results.

  • How much will my income and sessions increase?

    How long is a piece of string? This is something that I can't give a significant answer about the percentage(%) or an absolute number as everyone is going to be different. We do not position any of our products as a “get rich scheme.” As your success will be determined by your ability, knowledge, various skills, demographics, you and your commitment to ensuring you give 100% effort to be successful and make this work.